Decheque Manifesto


Why we began

In 2019, anyone doing a quick google search would quickly find out that the private finance sector was disjointed, inefficient, and just not hip. The process to break into the industry as an investor was painful and expensive, with many small funds being impossible to find. As a result, the few database companies in the space had a chokehold on the process and could charge whatever they want.

There was a trend towards private LP funds throughout the country as above-market returns became nonexistant in passively managed mutual funds/ETFs; but advisors had such a hard time offering these funds that many just didn’t bother. Most high-net-worth investors couldn’t get acccess to private funds because 1) they weren’t offered through a financial advisor or wealth manager, 2)the alternative investment crowdfunding platforms sucked and 3) they were so hard to evaluate through databases or scattered websites/blogs.

DeCheque started with one goal: Make private finance suck less

Launching Q2 2021