Decheque Private Fund Marketplace

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The Problem

Raising money as a small fund manager is difficult. Marketing restrictions prevent managers from using traditional methods to grow their fund. Managers have the option of using their personal network or running a roadshow. Both methods take months and cost funds thousands/millions of dollars in alpha. Onboarding investors is a difficult process between pitching, diligence, and cap table tracking.


The Solution

Decheque enables private funds to raise money from accredited investors and institutions (RIAs, family offices) via an online marketplace.

The new fundraising process

Create offering documents yourselfApply to Decheque diligenceCreate your listing pageGet investors contacting youThey're automatically added to your CRM

Funds we list

We list United States based funds with at least 30 months of performance or 3 years of relevant manager experience

Hedge Funds

Long/Short public financial

Real Estate

Property located within the
United States

Private Equity

Deal based private markets
coming soon

Launching Q2 2021